The Art of Contact

exploring the depth, creativity and joy in dancing contact improvisation


  • 23. September 9.30-13.30 + 30. September 2022  9.30-13.30


A fulfilling contact dance can be:

  • playful and improvised
  • soft and gentle
  • wild and acrobatic
  • emotional and healing
  • tender and intimate
  • unknown and present

In this workshop, we will research how to relate in a contact dance fully. Finding moments of connection and keep our free flow in the same time.

Therefore, the base is in my perception

  • being in full resonance with myself: allowing my body, my feelings, my capacities, my desires to be, to move, to express, to dance.
  • empathic listening to the space and others.
  • knowing and letting go the contact impro principles to expand the possibilities of dancing.

What we will do:

  • We will practice basic and challenging contact techniques. Solo, Duet, Group settings.
  • We will practice kindness and authenticity mainly to ourselves all the time.
  • We will explore the Art of Contact, whatever this means to us in each moment.

facilitation: Christian Lechner
date: 20.5. 17-20.30, 21.5. 10-17.00
place: H1, Hormayrgasse 1, 1170 Vienna
costs: 110€
conditions: already practising CI and having some questions/ideas/research going on … 😉

language: german/english as needed

registration and more infos:

Christian Lechner

After some years of Capoeira Angola, WingTsun, Yoga and Improvisation Dance, Christian joined 2008 a Contact Jam and felt in love with this artful, acrobatic, soft and gentle, sometimes wild unknown dance and communication form. Since 2015 he is teaching Contact Improvisation and Authentic Movement in Vienna.

Main research: What is an Authentic Dance? How can we find and develop all our qualities in the dance and therefore in life itself? Cooperative, confrontative, connected, real.

Besides of that he teaches Non Violenct or Authentic Communication.



Kontaktimprovisation (2min)

Kontaktimprovisation+Authentic Movement (ab min 1 wird getanzt)


13Mai(Mai 13)09:0014(Mai 14)16:00Konfliktbegleitung & MediationPraxisnahes Kommunikationstraining mit Schwerpunkt Vermittlung in Konflikten

23Mai(Mai 23)17:0025(Mai 25)17:00Embody your Authentic DanceSpezial-Modul mit Gewaltfreier Kommunikatoin und Kontaktimprovisation. Im Schloss Puchberg/Wels.

26Aug(Aug 26)09:0028(Aug 28)16:00Praxismodul WutkraftLearn to use anger or it uses you.

17Okt(Okt 17)11:0020(Okt 20)16:00Embodying NVCVertiefungstraining für Erfahrene mit GfK & Authentic Movement